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Welcome to our Website

We have the capability to repair all types of industrial electronics with or without documentation. This typically includes power supplies, all types of motor drives, soft starters, encoders, motors, PLC's, robotics, CNC's and NC's, process control circuitry, temperature controllers, timers, counters and many more specialized electronic systems.

With our years of experience, up-to-date Diagnostic Test Equipment and vast training, our staff and technicians is capable to provide professional services. Due to our vast parts inventory, we are able to provide fast turn around time on all industrial AC drive repairs, circuit board repairs, servo motor repair, AC/DC drive repair.

Our technicians are highly trained, with many years of experience in industrial electronic repair. Our top notch service coordinators are polite, efficient, and willing to go that extra mile to provide quality service.

With our computerized job control system access to previous jobs could not be easier, meaning that with each successful repair our database of knowledge grows. Each engineer is networked so if the same type of equipment comes in for repair again they have the information at hand regarding how to power it up, what faults were found last time and any recurring problems which can be tested first.

We have invested in the latest technology to test and record all programmable integrated circuits. Our high quality DSOs (Digital Oscilloscope), Signal Generators, Function generators, Duel mode DC power supplies, and various type of bench test enable us to diagnose and test the equipment efficiently. We are able to build up test sequence files on good components or complete circuit boards and store these to compare future repairs.

Our surface mount repair stations allow the operators to replace most components with ease.   We can examine components or circuit boards for damaged tracks or dry joints prior to repair. The security and condition of finished soldering, often a cause for concern, can be quickly verified.

To reduce repair time and enable instant analysis of common circuits, we can design and build test rigs that simulate on-machine performance. Manufacturers' test rigs are not always available. In this case 'Imagineering' is what our engineers must apply.

A growing number of customers are now sending AC drives, DC Drivers, Servo Drives,  Inverters, Control Panels and other all kind of electronic controls. To expand our service to cover this, we have recently extended our electronic Lab   equipped very high tech tools.

We repair failed items on a regular bases that the "other guys" won’t touch

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the largest repair facility in the country by having total customer satisfaction as our #1 priority. Semicon will achieve total customer satisfaction through superior quality, pricing, and efficiency. Semicon will employ the highest skilled technical, engineering, and support staff available today to “go the extra mile” to guarantee our customers get what they want and deserve.


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