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Our Services

We provide industrial automation and electronics repair services to all types of industry, a basic overview of which can be found below, however this is far from a definitive list.  

The use of CNC machine tools marked the evolution of electronics in engineering. It also marked the end of simple maintenance where a fault could be traced to an easy to replace contactor or relay. The machine tools of today contain very expensive electronics and this is where SEMICON offer the cost effective alternative. We repair electronics from all types of engineering machines.

We repair CNC control circuit boards, PLCs, monitors and position displays, servo drives, encoders, spindle drives, welding electronic controls, ECM, wire and spark eroding, and grinding control systems.

SEMICON are by far the leading  Pakistan  textile electronics repair specialists, We repair electronic printed circuit boards.  General factory electronics such as A.C and D.C drives, and temperature controllers are all included in our service, which covers sales of this equipment as well as repair.


Semicon Technologies provides service for all major brands of  embroidery machines i.e. Barudan, Tajima, SWF, ZSK etc. electronic repair include Head PCB, Servo Drivers, Stepper Drivers, Displays, Power Supplies, CPU cards, and Control Panels.
printing / paper

High speed printing and paper converting machinery relies on ever increasing electronic circuitry and control. All types of control PCBs, servo drives and motors, position and speed encoders, monitors, tachometers, alcohol meters and chiller unit controls are all covered by the SEMICON repair service.

SEMICON  can repair all types of motor drives, temperature controllers, PLCs, interface boards, monitors and linear or rotary encoders.

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the largest repair facility in the country by having total customer satisfaction as our #1 priority. Semicon will achieve total customer satisfaction through superior quality, pricing, and efficiency. Semicon will employ the highest skilled technical, engineering, and support staff available today to “go the extra mile” to guarantee our customers get what they want and deserve.


        Our Specialities



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